Let It Snow

It snowed about half of a foot last night. The roads look kinda slick and messy from my window. Of course there is going to be school today; Lehigh most likely had workers out from 2am on working to make sure that all of the sidewalks and streets here at Lehigh were “good enough” for people to walk on and get to class. Funny thing about this whole thing is that it doesn’t matter how bad the roads are surrounding Lehigh; as long as the sidewalks and roads on campus are OK, there will be class. Not like it matters if a commuter student can’t drive here because the towns havn’t plowed well enough. Not like it matters that teachers can’t drive here because the hills are icy and they would slide down them unsafely. Nope, doesn’t matter. There will be class today because the sidewalks and roads were cleared around the campus.
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