They finally caught and charged Eric Rudolph

According to BBC News and CNN News, Rudolph was finally charged and plead guilty for multiple bombings in the late 1990s in Georgia and Alabama. The bombings included the Olympics, a couple of abortion clinics, and a gay bar.

This story hits close to home for me, because, in 1998, I was hiking with Outward Bound in the section of North Carolina where he was reportedly hiding (confirmed now that he’s been caught and tried). When we first arrived to the area, a few hours outside of Ashville, police were conducting man hunts through the woods in an attempt to find him. After spending 16 days in that region, it’s easy to see why they never found him: it’s thickly forested and very easy to hide if you go far enough off of the trails.

The rumor was that Rudolph used the Appalachian Trial to get from Georgia to North Carolina to hide after he carried out each of his attacks. As part of his deal with the authorities, he’s not going to face the death penalty in return for four life sentences and revealing where his stash of explosives was hidden. I, for one, am glad they finally caught him and have tried him for his crimes.

Just in case the news sites clear their caches, Wikipedia has more on the history and current events surrounding Rudolph.



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