Early Morning Bike Ride

Aaron, Jenny, Lauren and I just got back from a bike trip around an 8 to 9 mile drive through the Saguaro National Park that is only 8 miles from our apartment and really close to Lauren’s uncle’s place.

It was a really nice ride that goes through the desert and was short enough and secluded enough (very few cars and people there) to allow Lauren to be comfortable and give her a good idea of how to use her new bike. For the most part, it was relatively easy going and down hill, but, in the middle of the ride, the balance for all the down was met with an uphill battle that was deceivingly long.

All in all, it’s a great place to do a little road riding without worrying about too many cars around. The one hill was quite doable in lower gears and led to a really nice downhill where I managed to top out my speed at 37. We’ll defiantly be going back again.

Aaron took one picture of all of us after we finished the ride, but I don’t have it yet, so when he posts it to his site or Flickr, I’m going to steal it and post it here.



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