Increasing Fuel Efficiency On Your Current Car

I read (a news/bs/interesting article linking site) occasionally and recently came across one of most interesting articles I’ve seen there in a while. The link went to where it featured an article about getting better fuel efficiency out of the car you already drive. featured six changes to your driving habits that may increase efficiency. The quick list of those changes are as follows:

  • Don’t drive aggressively (drive slower and more cautiously)
  • Lower speeds on highways tends to be more efficient (drive 65 not 75)
  • Cruise control is your friend (use it if you’ve got it)
  • AC isn’t bad (When compared to the increased drag from windows open the whole journey)
  • Keep tires inflated (Mostly for safety reasons)
  • Turn your car off at lights (idling will kill your efficiency)

To back their findings, each point is tested in some controlled manor and the results are explained (though, without an exaustive set of real data).

As for my thoughts, I’m going to try this and see how much farther I can go on a tank. For my experiment, I’m going to record one tank of gas used normally (almost done with that data and should be able to have the answer in a day or two) and then another tank used with as many of the tips from above as I can remember while driving. I typically get about 280 miles from roughly 11.5 gallons of gas for an average of approximately 24 miles per gallon; I’m quite interested to see how much this increases after I take these changes into mind when driving on my next tank. Another modification that I’ve heard also helps is to replace your spark plugs with the 4-tipped spark plugs to get a hotter, more efficient spark. I may try this one next time I have to go to change my plugs and see how much this helps as well.

UPDATE: I filled today after going 292 miles with 11.65 gallons… estimated average 25 miles per gallon. I’ll post again when I have more information off of this current tank given my shift in driving habbits.
UPDATE #2: I filled again after 274 miles with 11.11 gallons… again an estimated 25 miles per gallon. Still not sure the changes help much, but I’ll do this for a few more tanks to see if it really helps and to hopefully reinforce the tips into my driving habits.



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