Local Eats: Daglio’s Cheesesteaks and Hoagies

Located just north of the Pantano and Broadway intersection, this local sandwich shop comes as close as you can get to Philly while still being 2000+ miles away (they even import their rolls from a Philly bakery).

I picked the chicken cheesesteak with peppers and provolone and Lauren picked the veggie with mushrooms and provolone. Both were quite excellent tasting albeit a little greasy (what do you expect from a cheesesteak?). The staff was courteous, service was prompt, and food was very enjoyable. As the name states, it’s a hoagie (sub, grinder, po-boy, sandwitch on a long roll, etc…) and cheesesteak place and there isn’t much else on the menu. After asking where the owners were from, we learned that they moved here from NJ, so the food is as close to authentic as you can get.

The two of us ate for just under $20, placing it on the more affordable side of local, non-fast-food eateries but on the high side for a pair of cheesesteaks and drinks. Regardless of the price, we would certainly go back again.



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