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Now, that’s fast service…

I ordered some camera equipment on Wednesday and requested the “slow” shipping method to save some cash, Amazon marked it as shipped on Thursday, the USPS picked it up today, and, according to the tracking information, it arrived today (Friday). How’s that for fast?!?!

Amazon Shipment

Followup: I had to know this was too good to be true. The package never made it to my apartment or even the office and, even though it was listed as delivered, I’m going to have to try to go to the post office to hunt it down.

Odd Link Spam Anyone?!?

I recently checked out the Google Webmaster Tools for my site and found that there were a lot of prescription drug related hits from what the Google bot was seeing. I’m really not sure how they got there and really want to get rid of them.

I moderate all comments, have my blog comment spam filter turned on, and even had, at one point, comments locked down to registered users only, but, still, link spam is visible to the interwebs. Does anyone know of a way to spam comments on a website, but keep them hidden? And, conversely, does anyone know how to prevent this kind of spam? Is it time to do an update to the old website platform again?

Google Webmaster Keyword Search Google Search 1

Google Search 2 Google Search 3

10 years on


I just ordered some gifts for the holidays on and found that I’ve been a member of that site for just over 10 years! My first order there was “The Best Test Preparation for the AP European History with Disks” placed in mid-September to help with one of my classes in high school; if I remember correctly, the book was OK at helping to study for the class, but the software was useless.

That order was followed promptly (almost a year later) by my purchasing some summer reading books: “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov (Unfortunately, I don’t think I actually ended up reading this one), “A Wizard of Earthsea” by Ursula K. Le Guin (great book from what I can remember), and “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett (I still say “WTF!?!” every time I think about that book).

Any other early internet commerce participants have interesting first purchases from Amazon?

Netflix Instant Watch Now On Mac

Sweet!!! The only draw back is that I had to install a Microsoft product (Silverlight).

[via lifehacker]

Interesting new British TV Show: ‘No Heroics’

It looks like it’s Heroes meets Coupling and The Office… and it looks like it’s could be a contender for my potential favorite British comedy show (I’ll have to see the actual show first to pass judgement). The show focuses on a group of friends living in a city where everyone is a super hero.

Here’s a link the website for the show.

[via Wired]