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Copyright food for thought

This video is a rather long, but it takes an interesting point of view on the current copyright situation in the music industry.
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The Day the Music Died

Tomorrow, in an effort to gain attention and support for their misfortunes with recent legislation that will make it significantly more costly to broadcast music across the internet, many webcasters will be shutting down their service or will not broadcasting music at all.

The only thing the average netizen can do is to contact their local Congressman and get them to support H.R. 2060, the “Internet Radio Equality Act.”

I, for one will severely miss SomaFM if it is to be shut down. To put the law into perspective, SomaFM will have to pay $600,000 retroactively for last year’s broadcasts instead of the $20,000 they were supposed to owe.

In the next few days, I’m going to either write or call my local Congresswoman and ask her to support the bill. Anyone reading this should do the same!

UPDATE: visit for more information.

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Windows iTunes 7 bug…

Apparently, the new iTunes isn’t as stable as previous releases; I’m betting there’s a new software version that will be made available in the coming days.

I just installed the new iTunes and was listening to some of my music, when I launched a Quicktime movie to watch a “work related movie,” and noticed that the music got all jumpy and sounded like it’s fast forwarding. There were no effects on the movie, but, every time I pressed play to watch more, the music started to become choppy and would instantly clear up when I pause the movie. I tried multiple mp3s to see if one of them was corrupted somehow, but was still receiving the jittery sound. For now, I’ll have to single-task and watch the movie OR listen to music. That’s a touch annoying… oh well…

update… apparently, I’m not the only one with issues…

update #2… The NEW version of iTunes fixes this bug!!!

Hey Ya…

Check out this kick ass acoustic cover of the Outkast favorite “Hey ya” by an Arizona singer named Mat Weddle from the band Obadiah Parker.

iTune Album Cover Art

I’ve been looking for a good solution to adding cover art to my collection of MP3s for quite some time now and finally came across the perfect program to add the album covers to each track. That program is called “iTunes Art Importer” and can be found at

The program queries the database of images for the individual album covers and will embed the covers into each audio track. The only downfall is that it can’t automatically go through all of your songs and add the missing ones; you have to select the individual tracks for each album to search for the cover art. Except for that, it’s quite a nice little Windows application and would be useful to anyone that uses iTunes to manage their music collections.