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New Canon EOS 5D MKII HD Camcorder

Canon just released a teaser movie using their new EOS 5D MKII camera to show how amazing it will be for video and pictures.

The director photographer Vincent Laforet also released a “Behind The Scenes Video” that shows some of how the main video was made.

It looks amazing! Too bad it’s a pro series camera; it’ll be WAY out of my price range when it comes out.

[found via Allen Rockwell’s Photography Blog]

Cuteness of the Week

I don’t really intend on keeping up with the “Cuteness of the Week” theme, but a local friend just took one of the cutest pictures of a little bird ever!

Enjoy the picture of the little Gambel’s Quail

ISO: One Linksys WRT54G Router Version Number 2 through 4

I’m looking for a Linksys WRT54G (or WRT54GS) Router with a hardware version from 2 through 4 if anyone has a spare sitting around that they can part with. Contact me and we can discuss payment and other details.

The reason I’m looking for such a specific version number is that I’m planning on putting LINUX on it and playing with some embedded software for it, and the hardware on those versions will support the kind of work that I’m planning on doing.

Leave of Absense

Well, both my website and my Flickr pages have been noticeably quiet for a while. My only excuses are that I’ve been trying to keep my computer turned off more often (in an attempt to save power and be more green) and I’ve been trying to get back into my old habit of voraciously reading anything I can get my hands on. At last count, I’ve read 5 books in the last month and a half and am in the middle of 3 other books as I type this.

In the void, Lauren’s mom stopped out to visit for a week and Lauren and I also took a trip back east to visit my parents for both vacation and to get more wedding plans set in stone. Lauren toured the campus with her mother and I took a few days off to show her Mt. Lemmon and the Desert Museum. The trip back east was great; we spend a lot of time at their lake house and did everything from visit relatives, to hike at the local waterfall, to just relaxing. We went to take some July pictures of the wedding location to get ideas for next year and, at one point, Lauren took my sister dress shopping.

I’ll be posting tons of pictures to Flickr soon, so be on the look out for pictures of anything from our kittens, to a trip to the Sonoran Desert Museum, to my poor attempts at catching star streaks, to me playing with some new macro filters for my camera, to the Bushkill falls hike.

I’m hopping to get better about actively blogging at least once a week… we’ll see how that works out.

Tucson Skyscrapers

I was roaming the desert a number of weeks back and took this photo. I came across it in my “to be sorted” pictures directory and wanted to share. It’s best viewed large.

Tucson Skyscrapers