Graduate School Update

Two more weeks of class, one week for two finals, and then I’m done with my Masters Degree. The rapidly decreasing amount of time is more than just a little scary.

I still have 3 projects to work on, including: a 5-10 page paper with a presentation on SIMD multi-processing computer architectures, integrating a microprocessor with Matlab through RS232, and porting Motorola HC11 code to an HC12 to make a strong robotics platform. I’ve got lots to do, little time to do it in, and an ever-increasing urge to not do any work at all.

As far as the job-hunt goes, I’m still looking as of now. I had an interview two weeks ago today with a defense contractor for an embedded software programming position and am waiting to hear back from them. I’m a little nervous because I really like the position and potential with the company. Moving to Tucson would be a fun change in my life.

Not much else new…



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