I’m done, have a job, and my week in review

I finished my last exam on Monday! It’s quite a relief to finally be done with my Masters. The move-out process has begun and it’s been quiet stressful so far. I’ve accumulated way too much stuff for just a few years in Bethlehem.

On Tuesday, Lauren, Liz, Amy (their national consultant), and I went to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. The trip was awesome. Lauren, Amy, and I went to see the Ancient Egyptian and Medieval Ages sections of the museum. Some of the most stunning and amazing parts were the rebuilt Temple of Dendur and the Arms and Armor sections.

Wednesday through Saturday I spent visiting Lauren’s family up in Boston. I had an interview on Thursday with an MIT-associated research lab, which was one of the impetuses for us going up to Beantown in the first place (the other being the fact that Lauren and I will most likely be moving down to Tucson, AZ for my new job). At this point, it is probably safe to say that I’m going to be accepting the offer from a defense contractor in Tucson. The job has everything that I could ask for.

In other news… the new Harry Potter movie “Goblet of Fire” will be out in November. Check out the preview HERE. Yeah, I’m a dork….



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