Apartment Hunt and Moving

Seeing as how Lauren and I are moving to Tucson in about a month, we needed to get moving with finding a place to live when we get there and arranging for our things to be moved. We planned our apartment-finding trip to Tucson around her class schedule, so we left when she was done with classes for the week last Thursday and planned on returning home last Sunday to give her the entire day to study. I had also made arangements to meet with an apartment hunter to help make our trip more productive.

I had been looking online for places for the last few weeks and have narrowed the list or possible apartments down to the few that she and I like. Few is a relative term really; from the hundreds of places listed on some of the rent websites, we’ve limited our selection to about 30 of the better looking and located places. From that list, we are picking a handful with the best options and best locations we intended to visit when we flew down to. On top of us searching, my company had arranged for a realtor to give us a hand and show us a number of other locations that she recommends. I was quite excited to actually go down to Tucson and see the apartment complexes and to find where we will be living for a while.

The flight down was interesting. My sister, Jeramie, drove us down to the airport this past Thursday after Lauren and I returned home from Lehigh after her last class. Weather grounded us at Newark airport for two and a half hours, causing us to miss our flight from Atlanta to Tucson that evening. Fortunately, after an hour and a half of being bounced around from person to person, one of the airlines we were flying agreed to put us up for the night and give us vouchers for food. At that point it had been 11 hours since we had last eaten, so we were quite hungry and tired from the flight.

We spent that night at a nice hotel in downtown Atlanta and got up the next day to catch the next available flight to Tucson. Little did we know, the whole rescheduling of our flights threw us into the “special�? security line for the remainder of the trip. It’s not so bad to be fully searched once, but twicetimes in 2 days was a touch excessive.

Since we arrived late, we had a full day of playing catch-up ahead of us when we got to Tucson on Friday morning. Even though we were about three and a half hours behind schedule, we ended up doing all that we needed to do and saw all of the recommended apartment complexes within a few, well used, hours.

We visited four apartment complexes and saw about ten different layouts until we finally found “the apartment�? that made both of us quite happy to be moving to Tucson. Lauren and I came to the conclusion that the final place we looked at, by far, the best fit for us. You can click on the image of the club house below to see more pictures of the model that we got to look at. The apartment is just under 1000 square feet, has a washer and drier, kitchen (fully stocked except for a microwave oven interestingly), living room, dining room, two decent sized bed rooms, and two baths.

Fortunately, after picking our new home, the rest of the trip was quite pleasant. We got a chance to meet Lauren’s family that lives out in Tucson and had lunch with them before leaving on Saturday. Her uncle will be fun to get to know better after we move to Tucson; he’s young and “with it.�? Lauren’s cousins are also going to be cool to hang out with; her oldest cousin even plays online games like I have been known to, so we should get along quite well.

The flight back was uneventful, except for the security searches and Lauren misplacing her phone. After calling around when we got to Salt Lake City, we learned that it was left in the rental car. She’s spent the last few days trying to call and either get her insurance to cover a new phone or the rental company to return the old one.

Now that we found an apartment, the hard part is arranging to have the movers come and get our things. Hopefully that task will go much more smoothly than the start of our apartment hunting went. More on that road as I come to it though…

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