Wine and Cheese Party

Tomorrow night, Lauren and I are going to a wine and cheese party thrown by some friends at my company and I have no clue what kind of cheese goes with each type of wine I have hidden away in my closet. After doing some quick searches on Google and weeding out all of the restaurants, I finally found a really well prepared website that helps people in the very predicament I’m currently in.

From that site, it looks like bringing my bottle of Echelon Cabernet Sauvignon will go well with Brie, strong Cheddar, Camembert (whatever that is), and Danish Blue. I chose medium Cheddar to suit a wider range of people and because Lauren doesn’t like the strongest Cheddars… I’m thinking that it will work well enough to not be noticed.

I’d highly recommend checking that site out if you ever plan on going to or having your own wine and cheese party. I also found the following websites to be helpful as well: FoodNetwork Article and Global Gourmet Article



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