Sophie and Miles

Well, Lauren and I decided it was about time we share our apartment with two little bundles of fur, so we adopted two baby kittens yesterday. The white one with dirty ear tips, tail, and front paws is a female named Sophie. The tigery one with white belly and paws is a male named Miles. They are brother and sister and are currently 9 weeks old. Click on the image below to see more pictures of them.
The baby kittens

Update 10/16/05… they are just too damn cute… look at them sleeping…



One Response to “Sophie and Miles”

  1. Gravatar of Aaron Aaron
    8. October 2005 at 21:46

    It’s good to see them out and exploring. I guess I should say “awww…” but as you know I’m not much of a pet person.

    I hope they bring you much joy and happiness and not much fur and torn up furniture. Good luck with that. 🙂