On this day 1 year ago…

Lauren and I officially arrived in Tucson one year ago today!!! It’s amazing that it’s been so long since we moved here.

We entered the state a year ago yesterday and stayed up in Flagstaff for the night before the final leg of our moved down to Tucson. Before moving into our apartment on Aug. 1st of last year, we stayed with her uncle for a few days and have called Tucson home ever since!

Lots of things have changed since moving here; most notably, we are now engaged. We have made some amazing friends along the way and have both gotten into our own little worlds of work and school.

Though we were both unsure of the move here, it’s been quite nice to live in the South West and to get to see parts of the country that we had never experienced before. Our adventure here is far from over and we look forward to more years of fun and excitement touring the South West.

One year ago yesterday, we arived in AZ



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