My $300 Mistake

So, I’m an idiot… I could have saved myself $300 had I not used Fix-a-Flat on my tire today. I found a screw in my tire just before picking Lauren up, so, to ensure that I get to Costco to have the needed fix made, I put the can-o-crap into my tires.

Long-story-short, Costco doesn’t fix tires that have that stuff in them because they don’t consider it safe since the fix-a-flat eats away at the rubber. So as to not be running on the spare for too long, I’m going to have to pick up a new pair of tires in the next few days to replace the pair that had one damaged. The ironic part about it is that the pair that I’m going to have to replace was the newer pair on my car.

Eh… it’s just money… or two or three guests at my wedding next year…

Lesson for the day: Fix-a-flat is the devil!!!



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