I hate spamers

I woke up this morning to over 650 emails sitting in my gmail spam box (I forward all emails from this domain to there). What was most shocking about it was that a very large number (around 90%) of them were really failure to deliver notifications or messages stating that an email sent from me was blocked by the spam filters. It’s amazing to think that a spammer would use a fake email from my domain to send out his/her crap mail!

A quick google for “email authentication” found a few articles describing the failing process for establishing a common email authentication method:aricles 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. I also found an interesting Wikipedia article describing the process of email authentication and also what challenges it faces. Hopefully, one of these days, there will be an authentication requirement prior to using a domain for sending email. Honestly, right now, I hope that day comes quickly.

As I was writing this I got hit with another 100 200+ spam messages… this is getting annoying…

Does anyone know of good solutions to this problem or how to prevent a spammer from using my domain name?

Update: another 600 spams in my inbox and spam box while I was out biking for a few hours. I’m shutting down my forwarding account until this gets fixed.



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