New Solar Tech is Promising

A new company named Soliant Energy has created a rather ingenious way of minimizing Photovoltaic materials and silicon by rotating to follow the sun and focusing the sun’s rays onto a smaller piece of PV. Using those techniques, Soliant Energy has been able to get the same power output of traditional PV panels from up to 80% less PV surface area and a significantly smaller initial investment. On top if it being more affordable, the design also makes it more ideal for roof mounting than traditional pole-mounted solar panels that track the sun.

I’m going to have to look into these when the product matures more and is finally released to the public. Hopefully, by the time they are released, they become more affordable and more efficient. With solar energy becoming easier to attain for the common man, this could be the shift that this world needs to greatly reduce our reliance on oil.

[Via EcoGeek[Via MIT’s Technology Review]]



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