The Nerd Handbook

Are you a self-proclaimed nerd, a dork, or a geek? Do you have a significant other than doesn’t understand your way of thinking or fascination with your computer and technology? If you answer yes to both of the above questions, you will probably want your significant other to read “The Nerd Handbook” to get a good glimpse into what it is to be your nerdy self. It’s a very funny read and is on-the-spot with all of the points that it makes about us technically inclined folks.

[via Sam Devore’s Blog]



2 Responses to “The Nerd Handbook”

  1. Gravatar of sdevore sdevore
    11. November 2007 at 11:48

    There are parts of that little article that are so right it’s creepy I think. I’m going to have to have my wife read it….

    Sam D

  2. Gravatar of Geoff Kerr Geoff Kerr
    11. November 2007 at 18:11

    I would have to agree… my fiance hates when I turn on my “relevancy filter” and partially listen to what she has to say.