Google’s Interesting Hiring Practices

After reading an article on ZDNet, I came to the conclusion that companies need to be more like Google.

The article explains that, in order to attract the type of people that they are looking to hire for the higher caliber positions, Google put up an anonymous billboard in Silicon Valley with a cryptic messages to decode. Upon decoding the message, they are sent to a web site where they are giving yet another message to decode; all the while, whoever is solving the messages has no clue that they are partaking in the first stages of a high-tech interview for Google.

It’s this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that has put Google on the map. Not only are they only getting the people that can think in highly logical ways, but they are attracting people that, chances are, are already working in the high-tech computer software/hardware industries by placing hte billboard in Silicon Valley.

Other ways that Google weeds out the men from the mice are through programming challenges hosted at colleges and universities throughout the United States. These events, mostly time trials to see who can program on instinct as opposed to by the book or by one method, help the company give offers to extremely bright programmers who prove their worth at coding while under pressure.

Cheers to Google for helping to take the computer industry up another notch while looking for better and more qualified applicants!!



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