Ever wonder what types of music IT workers listen to?

A recent poll of IT workers administered by The Training Camp, a British IT training company, has come up with some extremely interesting musical preference results. The article that discusses the results is posted on the British IT news web site The Register.

Some of my favorite “results” from this poll are as follows:

Job Genre
MSCP mainstream pop (Britney Spears, etc…)
Security 60’s “Alt” Rock (Grateful Dead, etc…)
Linux Electro (The Orb, etc…)
Developer Heavy Metal (Megadeth, etc…)
Director Classical (Mozart, etc…)

The survey was meant as a comical characterization of IT professionals and does quite a good job at poking fun at the various musical interestes of each subsection of workers. It would be interesting to take this poll to a larger scale to get more hard evidence to support the claims.

Even though I shouldn’t be working in IT when I graduate (I prefer hardware to software design), the “results” do predict that I fit into at least one field that I can see myself working towards learning more on the subject. According to the poll, I should be either a Linux nerd (still working on this with my second computer… this should be a very reachable goal in not too long) or a Developer (not if I can help it) based on my tastes in music.



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