Moby – Hotel

This past weekend, I purchased Moby’s new 2-CD set entitled Hotel, which was released on March 22nd. It’s quite a bit different than his last few CD’s, but is quite a beautiful collection of mellow and soothing songs. This CD is a must-have for any Moby enthusiast.

The first CD is has powerful vocals by female singer Laura Dawn (creative director for, a Democratic Party website), lead singing by Moby, and background vocals by Shana Steele; while all of the instruments are performed throughout are done by Moby himself. On the second CD, named Ambient after the style of electronica used throughout all of the tracks, Moby returned to his true mix-master and DJ origins by spinning together a web of beats and harmonies that truly deserve the name Ambient. The album reminds me a lot of Moby’s older work mixed with a touch of Tricky’s mysterious vocal stylings to create amazing aural works of art.

An interesting interview with Moby about his new album can be found on HERE on’s Website



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