Why I want a mac…

Here’s a list of reasons why my next computer will be an intel-based macbook or ibook (whatever they will call them when they come out).

  • OSX Unix-base operating system
  • Two words … boot camp
  • As of now, no major threat viruses
  • As of now, no major spyware threats
  • Typically*, they just work
  • Did I mention Unix?
  • * All software has it’s quirks; Apple has a better and more stable OS in my opinion and has fewer issues (read BSOD) than PCs do.



    One Response to “Why I want a mac…”

    1. Gravatar of Lance Willett Lance Willett
      14. April 2006 at 12:30

      Geoff, I’d say now is the time, Mac is the place. I recently got a Mini, and I am lovin’ it. I’d eventually like to get a laptop as well…