Sickening gas prices

The gas prices are going up again. Even Costco is selling it for above $2.60 when just a month ago it was $2.12 a gallon. To top it off, apparently, Exxon’s CEO made $144,573 average per day over the last 13 years… yes, PER DAY!!! In his last year of service, which ended in December, he made over $400 million; makes me think he’s taking our money for himself rather than trying to help the American public.

When will the gas/oil tycoons learn? There’s change on it’s way (in the form of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles and nuclear power plants) and they won’t be the Kings of the Hill for much longer.

Smart companies like Toyota, Honda, and VW are paving the way with their vehicle offerings and will leave the SUV and wasteful-car producing companies in the dust. I predict that, within 5 years, there will be so many people moving away from sub-30-mpg cars in favor of over-50-mpg vehicles that the only way to keep customers will be to produce cars that are greener and more efficient and possibly reach for the 100-mpg mark OR to pass legislation limiting the strangle-hold that the gas companies have on the public (I’m hoping for the first case).

I’m looking forward to trading in my current Toyota Rav4 for the hybrid version when it comes out in a few years! Until then, I’m going to look into carpooling or biking to work again.



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