CaCa Pasa

So, the other night, my car was broken into. It happened about half an hour after getting to AJ and Jenny’s place with dinner. Not so fun.

Whoever did it took one of Lauren’s sweatshirts from the UofA, some gifts a few clients gave her, and a lunch box with apples and other stuff in it. Nothing else in the car was taken and, luckily for us, it wasn’t much of a financial loss. Unluckily for the jerk that did it, he didn’t get much in his smash-and-grab.

Thankfully, we had AJ and Jenny around to help us with the obligatory call to the police (who, not to their own faults, couldn’t do much to help us since there were no fingerprints left) and the removal of the thousands of small pieces of glass from everywhere in the car. The nice thing to come from this is that my car hasn’t been this clean in a while!

Pictures to come as I get them from AJ’s camera.

AJ sent me the pictures below:

Glass everywhere inside Glass everywhere on the ground Lack of glass where it should be Craptastic

As the title of the post says, shit happens (that was a bumper sticker we saw while driving around Tucson the next day and was quite fitting for this event).



2 Responses to “CaCa Pasa”

  1. Gravatar of Lance Willett Lance Willett
    23. December 2008 at 12:59

    Sorry to hear the news, Geoff. Glad not much was stolen.

    We had three windows broken in our car two Sunday’s ago while in Tucson at a KCXI benefit concert, and they stole Erin’s camera and some gear. Lame!

    We are *still* getting the glass out of the car…

  2. Gravatar of Geoff Kerr Geoff Kerr
    23. December 2008 at 15:03

    I’m sorry to hear that Lance. AJ told us your misfortune just after it happened to us. Hopefully you can scour ebay and local pawn shops to find your camera again. Maybe we can even write an exif parser to hunt through flickr picture data to see if we can find pictures from anyone else that have the same camera serial number as your Canon XT. Hopefully insurance at least covers some of the losses!