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CaCa Pasa

So, the other night, my car was broken into. It happened about half an hour after getting to AJ and Jenny’s place with dinner. Not so fun.

Whoever did it took one of Lauren’s sweatshirts from the UofA, some gifts a few clients gave her, and a lunch box with apples and other stuff in it. Nothing else in the car was taken and, luckily for us, it wasn’t much of a financial loss. Unluckily for the jerk that did it, he didn’t get much in his smash-and-grab.

Thankfully, we had AJ and Jenny around to help us with the obligatory call to the police (who, not to their own faults, couldn’t do much to help us since there were no fingerprints left) and the removal of the thousands of small pieces of glass from everywhere in the car. The nice thing to come from this is that my car hasn’t been this clean in a while!

Pictures to come as I get them from AJ’s camera.

AJ sent me the pictures below:

Glass everywhere inside Glass everywhere on the ground Lack of glass where it should be Craptastic

As the title of the post says, shit happens (that was a bumper sticker we saw while driving around Tucson the next day and was quite fitting for this event).

Cuteness of the Week

I don’t really intend on keeping up with the “Cuteness of the Week” theme, but a local friend just took one of the cutest pictures of a little bird ever!

Enjoy the picture of the little Gambel’s Quail

Great way to start a day

Hit and run... awesome...

My car was side swiped this morning. Luckily it was just cosmetic damage, but it still sucks to wake up to crap like that. Unfortunately, the jerk that was in the spot next to me hasn’t showed up again, so I have no clue who it was and can’t describe the car as being more than just a very large, older, white, domestic pickup truck with lots of garbage in the bed.

Update: The suspected truck returned to it’s spot over the night. Though I couldn’t find any direct proof of paint left on it’s bumper or anything like that, it’s rear bumper is about the right height that, if they pulled out and turned right immediately, he could have easily hit me with his driver-side rear bumper area. How they didn’t realize they hit me is still very much unknown. There are some new pictures up on Flickr of the truck just for record.

The quest for our Wii has finally come to an end!

After being greatly disappointed that every store in Tucson and all of the reputable online stores were sold out of Wii’s all last week, Lauren and I tried one last-ditch effort to find one this past weekend. We were quite lucky that, on Saturday evening, one of the clerks at Target tipped us off that they “may” be getting around 10 in that night for release on Sunday and that we should check the adds in the paper to be sure.

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Sorry, Wii Don’t Have Any…

So, after playing with our friend Jenny’s Mom’s Wii the other day, Lauren and I decided that we wanted to buy one. Unfortunately, every single store that sells them in Tucson and on the web are currently sold out. Though it was released close to two years ago, these suckers are still quite hard to find. Who’d have thunk?

I guess Lauren and I will have to wait to see who’s really better at boxing for a little while longer (she wiped the floor with me last time we played).