My parents go on walk/runs a few times a week and, on one of the last times they went, they found a little kitten crying just off the road in the woods. The kitten, who they later named Nala after the female lion in the Lion King, started following them as they walked down the street. Being the good neighbors they are, they went door to door looking for the kitten’s owner, but couldn’t find anyone who wanted the cat. The original plan was to put the kitten up for adoption, but most of the family (including myself when I went home to see the kitten last weekend) fell in love with the little cutie, so, for now at least, we are keeping her. Here are a few pictures :
<nala's picture< <nala's picture<
Isn’t she cute? You can find more pictures of her in my Gallery in the Family section under Pets.



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  1. Gravatar of Uncle Robb Uncle Robb
    23. March 2005 at 19:51


    Nice cat!

    Uncle Robb