Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Fantastic Four… Two Movies, One Long Night

My buddy Charles and I both enjoy good movies. He and I tend to end up at the movies a lot when I’m home and tonight was one of those nights.

We originally intended to see only Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but upon learning that there was a midnight showing of The Fantastic Four (it comes out today, Friday the 8th of July), we decided to stay to be some of the first people in the Nation to get a chance to see the movie.

First off, Mr. and Mrs. Smith was an awesome action movie. Lots of bullets, explosions, fight scenes, etc… Much of the fighting was gratuitous, but hey, who doesn’t like seeing two of Hollywood’s biggest stars duking it out and beating the crap out of each other? The story wasn’t amazingly advanced: a husband and wife are both hit men and work for different companies; they find out about each others true identities and have to kill each other to protect their companies’ reputations. I’m not going to say much more as to not ruin the actual plot and ending, but I would say that this is defiantly a decent movie to go see and eventually own on DVD. It was created in such a way as to make it very funny (having Vince Vaughn in it doesn’t hurt) and quite enjoyable. If I were rating the movie out of five stars, Mr. and Mrs. Smith would get four stars overall.

After Mr. and Mrs. Smith ended, we had a few minutes to use up before the Fantastic Four started, so we did the refreshment stand thing and then went back in for another two hours of movie madness.

Fantastic Four was also quite an enjoyable movie. The vast majority of the CG work was very well done, which lead to a more believable movie watching experience. The plot, from what I can remember about the stories when I was growing up, is true to the original: a space experiment goes wrong, causing all five people on the station to mutate and gain extra powers; four of them are good while one becomes quite evil and power hungry; the eternal conflict between Dr. Doom and the Fantastic Four is established. As with every other recent Marvel movie, they intentionally leave the plot open at the end for another movie to come. Unlike Hulk and Punisher, however, I believe that this line of movies will join with X-men and Spiderman and quickly become another successful series that keeps fans coming back for more. On a scale of one to five, I’d have to give Fantastic Four a rating of four and a half stars overall.



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