Summer Movie Slump

A NY Times Article puts fort a rather interesting look at why movie companies may not be doing so well this summer: many of the movies just plain suck. It’s an interesting theory that I’ve personally been sympathetic to for many years (not just this summer). After all, who wants to see a remake or re-adaptation of a crappy movie from the 20, 30, or more years ago anyway (Bad News Bears, Herbie fully loaded, etc…)?

Another thing that keeps me personally from going to many movies is price. Why would I want to pay $20 just so that my girlfriend and I can see a movie in the movies that we can eventually rent for $4 at home and have for a few nights? Most are not worth that much money to own let alone see on the big screen.

My suggestions: 1) put more thought into making/producing movies so as to cut out the crap before it gets to market, 2)lower the price and watchers will come, and 3) quit putting annoying TV advertisements at the start of movies. If companies followed those rules, they’d probably find themselves pleasantly surprised at the increased attendances of their films.



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