Burnt, Toasty, and Pumped…

So, after around 4 years out of the harness and tight shoes, I finally came back to the sport of rock climbing. Lauren and I went to the gym with two of our friends (thanks for getting us out to the gym Aaron and Jenny!!) for a few hours of blood and sweat.

We went to Rocks and Ropes climbing gym on the other side of Tucson. It’s a very versatile gym with combination of grip-painted woodie walls and some “natural” panels that have the feel of a rock surface. They have a killer “natural” feeling boulder in the center for getting pumped quickly and a woodie cave in the upper level for horizontal fun.

There are no pictures to share of this event, but there will defiantly be some in the future since Lauren and I had a blast. I did a 5.7+ with one fall as my first climb back and then proceeded to do a 5.5 and 5.7 each with a fall. Lauren learned how to belay, did a few routes up and was quite successful at learning the basics of climbing. It won’t be long before it’s in her blood.

All I can say is that I’m definitely going to feel this one in the morning…



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