Titan Missile Museum

I finally posted the pictures from last weekend’s trip to the Titan Missile Museum.

YESNet, a group for young members of my company’s engineering and science staff, organized the trip for any who wanted to go see the museum. It was so popular that they had to open up a second tour just for us to prevent it from getting too tightly packed in the complex.

The tour was an amazing look at the only remaining silo of the fifty four Titan II silos that once surrounded Wichita, Little Rock, and Tucson. Crews consisted of four Air Force soldiers (two officers and two enlisted technicians) that were underground and sealed off for twenty four hours at a time. They ate, slept, and trained together for that entire time and were usually expected to be on site between 4 and 8 times a month.

It’s definitely an eye-opening look at what we, as a country, did during the Cold War to try to prevent an actual war from breaking out by making sure that, should there be a war, the country that attacked would be destroyed.

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