It’s here… the new MacBook

Apple just released its new Intel dual-core baby today: the MacBook. This new machine replaces the G4 iBook line of low-end notebook computers. One of the most striking things different about this machine than most of it’s other Apple counterparts is that there are two options when it comes to the color of the case: standard Apple white or new black (for $200 more!). Another improvement is that the battery time is estimated to be 6 hours!

Dual-core processors are standard, starting at 1.83 GHz per chip up to 2.0 GHz; the only drawback to the dual-cores is the extra heat that the processors and the internal bus give off (Apple has already posted tips to dealing with the extra heat).

The MacBook, as of now only comes with a 13.3 inch widescreen display, which keeps it quite small and just a touch larger than their old 12″ iBook counterparts. Another difference is that all MacBooks come default with the ability to have a second monitor attached to have more desktop space (older iBooks had to be hacked to allow spanning instead of mirroring which was the default setting).

The new MacBook also comes standard with all of the features that Apple has been bundling with its Intel-based machines; iSight built into the case, Front Row (and an IR port for using the included remote), gigabit Ethernet, Wireless (Bluetooth and 802.11g), and the Intel version of OSX.

Now, only to save up the $1600 to buy one… and to justify spending that much on another machine I probably don’t really need…



One Response to “It’s here… the new MacBook”

  1. Gravatar of Lance Willett Lance Willett
    25. May 2006 at 09:46

    Awesome! The black case is cool…Can’t wait until I can afford one too.