Windows iTunes 7 bug…

Apparently, the new iTunes isn’t as stable as previous releases; I’m betting there’s a new software version that will be made available in the coming days.

I just installed the new iTunes and was listening to some of my music, when I launched a Quicktime movie to watch a “work related movie,” and noticed that the music got all jumpy and sounded like it’s fast forwarding. There were no effects on the movie, but, every time I pressed play to watch more, the music started to become choppy and would instantly clear up when I pause the movie. I tried multiple mp3s to see if one of them was corrupted somehow, but was still receiving the jittery sound. For now, I’ll have to single-task and watch the movie OR listen to music. That’s a touch annoying… oh well…

update… apparently, I’m not the only one with issues…

update #2… The NEW version of iTunes fixes this bug!!!



One Response to “Windows iTunes 7 bug…”

  1. Gravatar of Aaron Aaron
    29. September 2006 at 21:51

    Yeah! Thanks for the update.