Webhost swap completed

Well, it is finally 100% complete that I’ve moved from my old web host to some space under my buddy AJ’s hosting account at Dreamhost.com. I transfered all of my web content and email information a number of weeks back and the the fax order to cancel service with my old account went through a few days ago.

The impetus for moving was a history of low service quality, months of service outages, and a shoddy backup system that left me with segments of my data (mostly email content) corrupted numerous times over the course of three years. I guess that’s what you get when you go with a webhost that is named after the cost of your service plan. I’m not going to name then so as to not give them any free PR, but I’ll tell you that it only cost me four bucks a month for hosting.

Anyway, the move went off without a hitch and I haven’t had any issues with the new host yet.



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