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Sexy ass computer

As I type this, I’m using my brand new MacBook. I finally took the plunge into becoming a Mac fanboy. Lauren and I decided to do our civic duty and help the economy by buying a new computer. We’ve been saving up for a while now and finally decided to take the plunge with the latest aluminum and glass incarnation. I have to say that it’s one sexy piece of brushed metal covered silicon!

Beyond Compare

After reading about it for years [CodingHorror] and using it as my exclusive merge/diff/file-verification tool at work for the last year, I finally caved in and purchased the magnificent piece of Windows (and Linux too if you would prefer) software called ‘Beyond Compare’ for my personal computer. Greatest $30 software development tool investment ever spent!

For those not in the know, this tool does file comparisons, directory diffing, merging of whole files or lines within files, copying of files between different directories, image comparisons with an XORed image to visual show pixel differences between images, it slices, it dices, and it takes away the hard water buildup in sinks (not really). See the developer’s (Scooter Software) website for all features and capabilities.

If this interested you, check out the 30-day trial to see if you like the tool for yourself.

Computer Woes

So, a few weeks back, my desktop computer decided to stop booting. It was quite frustrating (as any computer geek without their computer can tell you).

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ISO: One Linksys WRT54G Router Version Number 2 through 4

I’m looking for a Linksys WRT54G (or WRT54GS) Router with a hardware version from 2 through 4 if anyone has a spare sitting around that they can part with. Contact me and we can discuss payment and other details.

The reason I’m looking for such a specific version number is that I’m planning on putting LINUX on it and playing with some embedded software for it, and the hardware on those versions will support the kind of work that I’m planning on doing.

Technology “Glitch” allows Parents to View Space Mission

According to a article entitled “Honey, the baby’s spacewalking”, some parents with a common video baby monitor system have been able to pick up video of the current space mission from the space shuttle Atlantis. It has NASA and the manufacturer a bit miffed about how it’s doing that, as NASA claims it isn’t the source of the broadcast; regardless, it’s been quite an entertaining mistake for the owners.

My guess, if it really isn’t NASA or the International Space Station broadcasting at a similar frequency back to earth, is probably caused by someone in the area that hacked together a video transmission signal at the same frequency and was streaming the live video from It is quite an entertaining accident, if you ask me, and I’d be interested in knowing what the truth behind the signal really is.