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ISO: One Linksys WRT54G Router Version Number 2 through 4

I’m looking for a Linksys WRT54G (or WRT54GS) Router with a hardware version from 2 through 4 if anyone has a spare sitting around that they can part with. Contact me and we can discuss payment and other details.

The reason I’m looking for such a specific version number is that I’m planning on putting LINUX on it and playing with some embedded software for it, and the hardware on those versions will support the kind of work that I’m planning on doing.

Fun things to do with LEGOs

Two new project ideas

Well, I havn’t had much time to actually work on projects of my own other than dream them up and work on some of the preliminary designs, but that doesn’t stop me from dream up more projects to work on.

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John Schimmel’s Interactive Electronic Art

I’m still not sure how I got linked to THIS blog/project website (I suspect through links in Engadget somehow), but it’s one of the coolest websites I’ve been to recently. The site is run/maintained by the artist, John Schimmel, who is in a program at NYU for Interactive Telecommunications. A few of the projects of interest include the Fireflies and the Coffee Table.

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