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Congratulations Mr. President

I’m almost a week late with this, but congratulations Mr. Obama. Make us proud!

Google 2008 Election Tracker

[gadget first seen on Sam’s Blog]

Gas Price Trends Pre-Election

As I had observed a few years ago, gas prices tend to drop dramatically just prior to an election and will go up afterward.

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Don’t Vote….

Great movie. Great message. Go register to vote. Find out more about the candidates (Obama or McCain) and take a stance.

One reason why it would be scary to have McCain/Palin as the leaders of the US…

She’s a total idiot and doesn’t answer simple questions while rambling on without any clear understanding of what she speaks about. And to think, if McCain were to have health issues, she’d be the one to take over the country! What I worry about is that she didn’t graduate with a law degree, a political science degree, or an international relations degree to give her a proper background in world politics.

Other interesting videos:
The entire Palin interview
Couric On Palin
McCain lies to Letterman about why he couldn’t be on the show
Palin wanted to ban books when she was mayor

[thanks to AJ for forwarding me the first video and pointing out the others to me last night]