Totally Done

I graduated this past Monday. I’m done. No more grad school. No more Lehigh. Done!

The finality of that statement is weighing down on me. I’m done. It’s hard to say and even harder to hear.

I won’t get to see the friends that I’ve made in the last five years as often as I’ve grown accustom. It’s a hard thing, having to “move onâ€? and “grow upâ€? after being used to the same type of life and taking the proximity of my friends for granted. We are all done.

I’m off to Arizona; some of my friends are moving to California, some to Rhode Island, a few to Texas, a few are staying near Bethlehem to work. We’re all moving on and starting our “adultâ€? lives. This stage of our lives is done, only to be re-lived in thoughts and recollections; old “war storiesâ€? in our minds.

The future is an adventure; even though this part of the journey is done, another part is waiting to begin. In a way, the finality of this part only makes the uncertainty of the next part all the more exciting. I’ll have my own apartment (shared with Lauren, of course), my own job, my own schedule, and my own life. I get to chose now.

In many ways, I’m not really done with my learning after all; this is more the beginning of a new chapter in which I dictate what I learn as opposed to my professors and teachers and people around me.

I’m moving to somewhere new and foreign to me. I’m just starting! More responsibility. More freedom. New beginnings. Now!

Ready or not, here comes life. Beginnings. Endings. New friends. Old Friends. Life goes on and endings are really just new ways of saying that you are starting on new paths through life’s adventure.



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