Yard work

To keep myself busy (and to earn a little cash on the side) when I’m not hunting for an apartment or doing stuff to make my move to Tucson easier, I’ve been doing yard work around the house. I’ve been quite busy landscaping and building stuff around the yard for the last week or so. To give you an idea of how much work I’ll be doing, we ordered 4.5 tons of rock, 3 tons of mulch, and another ton of dirt for various projects around the yard.

My current task is to build a wall around the left-side “garden” and then I’ll fill in the area with old dirt and mulch and clean it up with fresh mulch on top so it looks slick. So far I’ve put one day into the preparation for the wall and grooming of the beds and another into starting the wall; I’ll probably need another day or two to finish building it and will wait until the next wall is done to clean it up and mulch it.

After finishing the first wall, I’m going to build another wall around the center set of bushes in our front yard. I spent a day last week trimming and preparing the “islandâ€? for the actual wall building so I don’t have to rake up the trimmings after the wall is done. Judging from how fast the first half of the “gardenâ€? wall was finished, I’d say that this one will take me about a day to finish.

I’m next going to create a little patio of sorts in our backyard for the new chimenea that my dad purchased. Building the patio will take up any remaining rock we have along with rock that our next-door neighbor gave us for the project. The chimenea is a cool little enclosed fire pit that we can use to have fires and roast marshmallows or to get rid of some of the spare wood we have sitting around the yard. The patio and chimenea will be a really cool place to go out and relax by once the work is done.

The below picture is of the progress after the first day of building the “gardenâ€? wall. Click on the picture to take you to the section of my photo gallery where I’m posting the pictures.

Rock Wall Progress After Day 1



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