Yahoo fighting back against Google; mounts new offensive with the purchase of is the newest addition to the Yahoo! empire as of this morning (story). For those who don’t know much about it, is a bookmark management website where users are able to keep track of and share links from many locations across the internet where they find content interesting, useful, funny, etc… Other sites to be purchased recently by Yahoo! include (story; Flickr is a cool image hosting/sharing website) and (story; an event/meeting organization website).

Yahoo! hasn’t just been purchasing websites recently, they’ve also been working on creating new ideas and technologies to make using the internet easier. One of the coolest is their site that makes hunting down cool podcasts easy. Yahoo! has also been working on improving their online mapping website as well as their mailing services.

Though it’s not much of a combined force right now, this could be the signs of Yahoo! building up it’s army to dirrectly take on Google’s servies. It will be interesting to see what happens when the purchased websites combine efforts to allow you, with one login, to setup appointments where the map is embedded into the page with detailed directions on how to get there and with pictures, shared by the users of the group arranging the meeting, viewable in one grouped album linked from the event page.



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