It’s been a while…

Sorry for taking so long to update… It’s been crazy for the last two months.

Kelly visited us for Thanksgiving! She got to meet our little furry children and instantly fell in love with them! While she was here, we went climbing, hung out, and went to a second Thanksgiving dinner with Lauren and Kelly’s Uncle Kevin.

I had work as always, while Lauren had exams in early December. We both packed and got ready to go back east in mid December. We spent just over two weeks in New Jersey and Pennsylvania doing the holiday shopping thing and then celebrating with my family and then both of our families independantly. I went to Saxonburgh, PA to visit my Dad’s family at the farm, while Lauren went to a small town just north of Philladelphia, PA to visit her Mom’s family. I celebrated my 24th birthday and then a week later, my sister celebrated her 19th birthday. We spent New Year’s Eve with friends from Lehigh that we havn’t seen in FOREVER (if you guys are reading this, email me some time).

On New Year’s Day, we went to visit Pop Pop’s grave to unveil his headstone. I can’t believe that it’s been a year since he died; time moves too quickly. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I don’t think about him and his influences on me. That same day, we finished packing and flew back to Tucson with more bags than we had come with (and even had to mail some things home to get everthing here). We had a day of relaxing and getting back into our appartment (and back into favor of the kitties that we had to leave behind with a wonderful pet sitter because we couldn’t bring them with us) before I had to start work again. Lauren had about a week before she started classes again. The weekend after Lauren started classes, we hiked Brown Mountain (just west of Gates Pass to the west side of Tucson) with Aaron and Jenny. The weekend after that, we went Roller Skating with them as well. Last weekend we helped organize some things at Jenny’s Uncle’s Mother-in-Law’s old place; unfortunately, she passed away while we were gone in December (she was quite a lovely lady and had a long and full life). Early on in the week after that, both Lauren and I got sick (totally unrelated to the weekends events) and havn’t been up to par since. As of today, we are still recovering and hope to be back in the swing of climbing multiple times a week again.

Pictures Update:
Kelly’s visit at the end of November:

Kerr farm visit for Christmas:

Brown Mountain hiking:

More pictures of our kittens Miles and Sophie:



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