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So, the stock GPS mount for my Garmin Etrex Legend only fits handle bars up to 1 inch; my bars are about 1.5 inches. Sounds like a good excuse to do a quick DIY project trying to figure out a way to fix the problem.

Not wanting to give up and take the mount back to the store, I decided to take matters into my own hands and build a mount for the GPS out of a round 3/4 inch dowel, a square 3/4 inch dowel, some rubber, a pull tie, and some creativity.

I cut the square dowel just under 2 inches to give me some room to shape a grove into the bottom and to have some fudge-factor if I mess up. At the other end, I dilled a hole where the center of the dowel would meet if 3 sides of the square dowel were meeting the round dowel’s edges perpendicularly with the center of the dowel(make sure that it’s in the same direction as the groove at the bottom of the square dowel). After drilling the hole through the square dowel, I put a smaller hole into the round dowel to pre-tap a hole for the screw to go without cracking the round dowel.

Once the round dowel was attached to the square dowel (forming a right angle or an “L” shape), I drilled a few parallel holes into the face (perpendicular to the newly added round dowel) of the square dowel to allow a zip-tie to be used to secure the mount to my bike. The only thing left to do was for me to fit a piece of rubber around my handle bars to add friction and hold the mount down when it’s zip-tied tight and to prevent the mount from scratching the bar’s finish.

It’s a great fit and looks to be quite sturdy. I’ll be taking it for a test ride soon and will give an update on how effective it turns out to be.



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