Two new project ideas

Well, I havn’t had much time to actually work on projects of my own other than dream them up and work on some of the preliminary designs, but that doesn’t stop me from dream up more projects to work on.

Both ideas have been done before, but I thought they’d be fun to come up with my own versino of them. The first is a USB controlled nerf dart shooter; I got the idea from a product that is similar that is sold at the in England, but not currently available in the US. Instead of 3 darts like the previous product had, I’m thinking something like 9 darts that can be either independantly fired or fired all at once would be more appropriate. Vertical and horizontal motor controls would make the device aimable; a keypad would allow it to be used stand-alone and USB would allow a GUI to controll it. The evilness can continue on, but, with planning in the early stages, I don’t have many more ideas for it and will try working on one idea at a time to build it up.

The second idea, taking from recent news that the London UK edition of Monopoly will use ONLY credit cards to play the game, is to create my own version of the electronic Monopoly game. This idea is in it’s infancy and may only stay there due to predicted cost of such an endevor as well as the predicted lack of time I will have in the coming months, but I’ll harvest the ideas for it regardless and may one day be able to work on it.

Update on other projects:
Of my previous ideas for projects, the bluetooth serial device that I dreamed up turned out to be more expensive and difficult to design than I had though, so I scrapped that one for now. The Binary clock project got off to an OK start when I began work on the perfboard prototype soldering, but came to a hult after my current project at work started needing more of my time. As for my desire to get a Xilinx FPGA proto board, that’s still in the works; with all of the overtime I’m going to be pulling soon, I’ll be able to affort it to play around with FPGAs on my own.



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