This is Tucson, why is 35 outside?

The weather recently has been amazingly cold here in the South West. It got down to 34.4 (according to my outdoor thermometer) last night! Lauren and I have also had to wear; brace yourself for this, because it’s shocking; HEAVY COATS when doing anything at night for the last few days.

It’s amazing how quickly the cold came into town. Just last week, we were running around in T-shirts! What makes it even worse, is that the North East, where we moved from, has been having unseasonable highs! How fair is that? We moved to the desert to temporarily get away from the cold and it’s warmer there now than it is here!

In some ways it’s good though. We are getting acclimated to the cold temperatures for when we visit home for the holidays. Oh well… I’m going to put my coat on and grab some coffee at Starbucks…



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