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I caught wind of this TED talk while perusing the internet this evening. Very inspiring! I, one day, hope to allow my children (future tense, none expected or planned for the next few years) to have the unhindered freedom to think and do as their creativity inspires them as with this video about “Tinkering School” by Gever Tulley.

Spray Suntan Lotion

With the SPF numbers getting higher and higher each season (we bought some spray-on SPF 70+ today… who’s ever heard of a number so high?), how long will it be until we see Krylon start making spray-on sun protection?

I can see it now: SPF 1000+ spray-on sun protection, UVA/B/C and all future UV frequencies discovered are protected against without reformulating, prevents rust, comes in almost every color that their paint lines comes in (so that you can better match your outfit), prevents dings and dents with a hardened protective layer, and doesn’t come off while swimming and showering (in fact, you’d have to use turpentine to take it off). It would sell like hot-cakes… maybe…


Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

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It may take me a while to respond/post/email/etc… (email or phone are the fastest forms of communication for me right now), but I’m still alive. I’ve managed to not quite drop off the face of the Internet, with the occasional Bloglines spree or Amazon window shopping trip. Recently, I’ve been busy with work and getting stuff done for my wedding. C programs, FPGA designs, VHDL, guest lists, and invitation wordings are my life. Only another two more months to go and at least the wedding stuff will be done! If only I could say the same about work… only 44 years to go… woohoo!!!

The other big news around the homestead is that Lauren’s graduating from the University of Arizona in a few weeks! She’s kicked butt for the last 3 years working towards her Masters Degree and will, soon, be coming out to join me in the “real world” of work. She’s been counting down the days until she’s done and has almost nothing to do; she’s worked so hard that it’s about time she lets herself take a break.

I’ve got a few new hobby things going on as well, but not enough time to do them as I want. I bought a souped-up RC truck from a coworker of mine and have been terrorizing the rocks outside of my apartment and my buddy AJ’s backyard (sorry about almost causing a mini dust storm while doing donuts). I’m, eventually, going to design a GPS and performance tracking system for the truck to track speed, distance, acceleration, plot it’s course on Google Earth, measure current draw by the motor, tire rotation speeds, motor rotation speeds, battery voltage, etc… Ah, the dream of having enough time to do hobby projects.


The Nerd Handbook

Are you a self-proclaimed nerd, a dork, or a geek? Do you have a significant other than doesn’t understand your way of thinking or fascination with your computer and technology? If you answer yes to both of the above questions, you will probably want your significant other to read “The Nerd Handbook” to get a good glimpse into what it is to be your nerdy self. It’s a very funny read and is on-the-spot with all of the points that it makes about us technically inclined folks.

[via Sam Devore’s Blog]

Great Bumper Sticker

I saw this on the way home tonight…

OK, joke’s over.
Bring back our Constitution.