Weather Monitor Project Introduction

A few years ago, I got the crazy idea that I wanted to work on a weather monitoring embedded microcontroller project. While the basic idea is not new, it is something that’s sufficiently complicated to become a great learning tool in various engineering disciplines.

Every project needs goals, so this is what I’m hoping to achieve:

  • Wireless data collection
  • Low-powered design
  • Run system off of solar and/or wind power
  • Monitor temperature
  • Monitor humidity
  • Monitor relative pressure
  • Monitor wind speed
  • Monitor wind direction
  • Upload data to the interwebs
  • Test designs on COTS boards
  • Learn how to layout and produce boards
  • Build solar and wind powered collection systems
  • Build anemometer and weather vane
  • Write all software and scripts
  • Learn some new script and programming languages
  • Have fun…

I’ve just finished acquiring most of the preliminary parts required to start this project, so I’m going to start documenting the project on this blog as I make progress building the weather monitor.

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