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I caught wind of this TED talk while perusing the internet this evening. Very inspiring! I, one day, hope to allow my children (future tense, none expected or planned for the next few years) to have the unhindered freedom to think and do as their creativity inspires them as with this video about “Tinkering School” by Gever Tulley.

Netflix Instant Watch Now On Mac

Sweet!!! The only draw back is that I had to install a Microsoft product (Silverlight).

[via lifehacker]

Interesting new British TV Show: ‘No Heroics’

It looks like it’s Heroes meets Coupling and The Office… and it looks like it’s could be a contender for my potential favorite British comedy show (I’ll have to see the actual show first to pass judgement). The show focuses on a group of friends living in a city where everyone is a super hero.

Here’s a link the website for the show.

[via Wired]

Gotta love Arizona’s Senator McCain…

As seen on the New York Times Screens Blog:

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