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Home-built Photography Light Tent – Part 1

Many of my friends know that I’m an aspiring amateur photographer. While I’m currently of the school of thought “accuracy by volume,” I am working to get good enough to always take quality pictures the first shot (I still have a ways to go…). Part of getting better is experimenting and getting more equipment to help in my pursuit.

The newest addition to my equipment inventory is a light tent (or light box) for taking cleanly lit close-up pictures of small to medium sized objects. I’ve been toying with the idea of buying one for a few years, but have been on a DIY kick for a while and decided to just go out and build one for myself.

Part one of this post will cover the construction of the frame, while part 2 will cover the construction of the light diffusing fabric panels on the sides of the tent.

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Photography Dream Gear

Pretending that you have all of the money that you could want to buy camera gear, what would you buy and why?

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Now, that’s fast service…

I ordered some camera equipment on Wednesday and requested the “slow” shipping method to save some cash, Amazon marked it as shipped on Thursday, the USPS picked it up today, and, according to the tracking information, it arrived today (Friday). How’s that for fast?!?!

Amazon Shipment

Followup: I had to know this was too good to be true. The package never made it to my apartment or even the office and, even though it was listed as delivered, I’m going to have to try to go to the post office to hunt it down.

New Canon EOS 5D MKII HD Camcorder

Canon just released a teaser movie using their new EOS 5D MKII camera to show how amazing it will be for video and pictures.

The director photographer Vincent Laforet also released a “Behind The Scenes Video” that shows some of how the main video was made.

It looks amazing! Too bad it’s a pro series camera; it’ll be WAY out of my price range when it comes out.

[found via Allen Rockwell’s Photography Blog]

Cuteness of the Week

I don’t really intend on keeping up with the “Cuteness of the Week” theme, but a local friend just took one of the cutest pictures of a little bird ever!

Enjoy the picture of the little Gambel’s Quail