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20 Mile Mt. Lemmon Ride

I met a few coworkers yesterday to do a 5-mile Mt. Lemmon approach and the first 5 miles of climbing for a total round trip of just over 20 miles. It was a great ride, but boy are my legs killing me! I’m not sure how people do all 25 to 30 miles of climb to the top! I did, however, greatly enjoy the ride down.

24 Mile Ride Today… I’m Beat…

I was originally gunning for 16 to 20 miles, but just kept going to the end of the Rillito path. Great ride! I’ll probably feel it tomorrow.

14.3 Mile Ride / New Garmin Edge 305

I just got back from a just-over 14 mile ride on the Rillito River multi-use path and it was my first chance to play with my new Garmin Edge 305 GPS Bike computer. Except for the fact that it was in the high 80’s from the start, it was a great 50 minute ride with 10 minute cool-down!

The GPS came with a heart rate monitor that I’m planning to use to make sure I don’t kill myself trying to work too hard and to make sure that I’m not slacking too much while riding. Though it didn’t come with one, the Edge 305 supports the use of a cadence sensor that I may look into getting to make sure that my pedaling is consistent over the entire ride.

One of the biggest reasons I bought the new bike computer was so that it lets me track rides and heart rate (and, if I get the cadence sensor, that as well) on my computer so that I can better work towards getting in shape. My near-term goals are to get back up to 30+ miles and push to 40 miles, while my long-term is to one-day do the El Tour de Tucson (109 mile ride around Tucson… I can dream, can’t I?!).

10 Mile Bike Ride Today.

[Map removed due to the website being stupid]

Lauren and I biked the river walk last weekend and greatly enjoyed it, so I went back again today on my day off. I decided to take it easy and only do 10 miles until I get back into riding shape. I brought my GPS to track the results and created the above map of my ride.

I started at the Craycroft parking lot and rode west. I would HIGHLY recommend taking the left at the bridge marked in the above map as the road is NOT paved just past there and made for quite an interesting ride. Overall, it was a great ride and I look forward to building up to go much further up the River Walk.

Tucson’s Motorized Bike Laws

While looking up crime statistics and flood plane data for Tucson, I came across a PDF file on the TPD’s website that quickly highlights the laws concerning motorized bicycles. Interestingly, you have to keep the bike under 20 miles per hour to avoid licensing, insurance, and emissions inspection and the engine has to be smaller than 48 cubic centimeters if using gas or 750 watts (1 horse power) if using electric. Basically, no peddling fast down hills and you’ll be OK with the police.